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3 June 1970
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A unique boss spawn (Vampire-Linguistic), appearing in Game Store level, Game Convention level or Online Chat level. Only spawns for specific classes: Philosopher, Gamer/Board, Gamer/CCG, Gamer/PC, Gamer/Video, Gamer/RPG, Expert/Trivia. Superior XP gain, average loot drop.
Strengths: High levels of verbal damage, stun damage. Massive endurance. High levels of cold resist. Special attack ignores argumentative defense.
Weaknesses: Weak against ranged attacks. Weakness increases with distance; disappears altogether at extreme range. Vulnerable to team assault and against players who have not encountered him previously.
Special Skills: Sophistry. Reconciliation. Analysis/Other. Strategy. Stealth (does not draw aggro in stealth mode).
Weapons: Tongue, 2x Hamhocks, Insight (double damage vs. clerics and paladins).
Cheat Codes: Enter CCG for immediate spawn. Enter CHAT for immediate spawn. Enter UNIX for secret unlockable Pro-MS mode.

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